What is Zombiecraft?

Zombiecraft is a Minecraft server that offers a unique zombie apocalypse survival experience. If you like zombies, you're at the right place. The game can be played with up to four players co-op fighting against waves of zombies. During your survival, you'll be able to unlock new parts of the map to explore and find better gear from mystery boxes, perk machines and wall weapons scattered around the map. Make sure to protect yourself and your comrades by keeping barricades up to slow down zombies. Survive as long as you can before the zombies catch you. Oh! And did I mention this is a vanilla-compatible minecraft server? That's right, Zombiecraft requires no mods to play, just hop in and you're ready to kill some zombies.


Zombiecraft was originally created in 2011 as a mod and saw great traction for about a year. Unfortunetly it died soon after due to a team breakup. During its glorius year, the mod was played by famous youtubers such as CaptainSparklez, DanTDM and Syndicate. Here is a video of CaptainSparlez playing Zombiecraft in 2011. We want to bring back that masterpiece and make it next-level.


Zombiecraft is brought to you by Stephcraft, a passionate developer & artist with a desire to create quality content. Stephcraft always had an ambission to break the limits of games and engines. Minecraft being his favorite game, and Zombiecraft being a forgotten paragon, this project was born.
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Get your limited edition Alpha rank!

Zombiecraft is still early in development. Consider purchasing the alpha rank to support the server. Make sure to get your hands on it soon, the Alpha rank is only available for the first lucky 100 players to get it.

What is included in the Alpha package?

  • Exclusive access to the newest features before everyone else
  • The Limited edition Alpha rank
  • The Limited edition Alpha cosmetics kit



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Zombiecarft has a variety of perks to keep up with your strength during higher waves. Juggernog makes you more resistent to zombies by increasing your health x2. Speed Cola speeds up the gameplay, you'll recharge, repair and revive twice as fast. Charge cola makes you hard to catch, drink this perk and gain faster mobility. Ex Static Drink is a strong drink that gives you the ability to push zombies away with electricity.

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Guns and weapons

This vanilla-compatible minecraft server has a great variety of weapons. There are 3 melee weapons, 2 grenades and 14 guns. All weapons were crafted with quality and fun in mind. Zombiecraft pushes the limits of minecraft as far as possible. Each guns has its own custom HUD with their own bullet types. The interaction with the weapons are very smooth and thought out. We're brigning an all new gun exeperience to vanilla Minecraft.

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Original Maps

Classical maps will all be available: Nacht Der Untoten is the very first zombies map created, it offers a classical gameplay with a challenging base to defend. Last Resort, another classical map that was focused on expanding the original zombies gamemode. Observation Deck is a map that distinguishes itself from its size. Hall of survival, quite a challenging map that is centralized around four halls. Zombiecraft will also start with two new exclusive maps.

Join the community.

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Zombiecraft is always striving to create new content and updates. To stay in touch with the Zombiecraft community, join our discord server. This is the perfect place to meet new zombies enthusiasts and to keep up with news and updates.